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economy. that's why the women's industrial exchange in baltimore is trying to help. kim dacey has more. >> you can find clothing, toys, jewelry and all kinds of hand-crafted local goods at the women's industrial exchange on charles street in down the downtown baltimore. >> it's a colorful, fun, exciting place. >> these vendors are part of what has become a piece of baltimore history. the exchange is celebrating its 130th birthday. it incorporated back in 1882 as an outlet for creative women who weren't allowed to work. >> we started as a women's work. women wouldn't have jobs because it was illegal for them to work. today it's all local artists in here. >> it's amazing history if you think decade by decade since they opened the different things that have happened for women. >> the exchange isn't just a place to sell goods, they also offer education classes for small business owners. >> we have classes every third saturday with the web group, women entrepreneurs of baltimore and they train them how to do business proposals, i teach them to do u.p.s. codes. >> the exchange has grown and
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1